Love at first sight 

i was standing with my friends. we were chatting and having icecream. i was wearing my favourite black shirt and denim. it was back in september when i met them after a long time. we recalled the college days. the fights, the boycotts, the competitions, the victories, the studies, exams, failures and what not.

i was busy with them when suddenly my eyes transfixed at the majesty of the beauty of a princess’s eyes. she had bid diamond-like shining black eyes. they were as deep as an ocean and i wanted to drown in them. she looked straight at me. i instantly fell in love with her. she also was in love with me for sure, for she didn’t move her eyes. her eyes were fixed on mine while her car drove away.

it was an out of the world experience until my friends shrugged me and said that she was looking at the dress showcased in the boutique.


Musings 2

She was tired of the haunting retrospection. She always saw the dreams of her old house, the lost relatives , her school, her classmates. The squalor of those dreams, illusions, thoughts notched her time to time. Zarmina Khan